We provide high quality equipment, packaging and raw material for the meats, dairy and bakery industry as well as pharmaceutical solutions. Additionally, we provide technical support and logistics solutions to ensure the reliability of your investment and a world class customer service. Alitec Solutions Corp is a symbol of perseverance, strength, innovation and quality.


We offer concrete actions and clear solutions in a timely manner so we meet our clients expectations to position themselves as top suppliers in the Venezuelan market.



We are a company that generates trust by being honest and consistent between what we create, communicate and execute, establishing lasting relationships to achieve common objectives.


We are committed to fulfilling our obligations, always giving the best of each one, making fair and timely decisions.


We make promises a reality, taking into account the firmness to fulfill our mission and achieve our objectives. We work hard to develop processes properly from the beginning to the end.


We work with honesty, dignity, equity and solidarity. We act with transparency and clear moral guidance, fulfilling our responsibilities.

Sense of belonging:

We are committed to our clients and suppliers, to their objectives and goals.



We offer a complete logistics service from procurement, customs management, storage, distribution, inventory management, transportation and physical distribution, all adapted to the requirements of each client; focused on optimizing the logistics process and distribution time.

Technical Advice

We have a team specialized in the assembly, repair and commissioning of machinery and equipment whose main mission is to keep the production line of our clients operational, in a proactive, effective and efficient way, thus guaranteeing their satisfaction.


We participate together with our clients as main allies in the development of new projects, supporting them in their expansion plans, their growth, evolution and firm positioning in the market, generating the best options in relation to new technology, machinery, advice on the optimization of physical space, installation and commissioning.

To be able to provide this service, we have specialists in the food sector, highly trained personnel in the machines we sell, experts in logistics processes, thus forming a team of excellence that allows us to offer this service with the highest degree of satisfaction for our customers.